About a year ago, my daughter Andrea played some songs by her classmate Isaac Debroux-Stone’s band Disq for me. I was really impressed - it was raw but sophisticated, and musically much more mature than you would expect from a seventeen-year old: great melodies, catchy hooks, interesting textures, unexpected harmonic shifts. I ended up working alongside Isaac and his partner Raina Bock over the following months, and the result is Disq 1. It’s a really cool record. Even better, my daughter Andrea did the cover art. Needless to say, I’m proud on all fronts.


It was an interesting collaboration. Isaac is not only musically talented, but quite technically adept. In addition, he and Raina had very specific ideas about the way their music should sound. For the most part, Isaac was able to use his knowledge of Pro Tools to get things into the sonic ballpark. As a result, I felt it made more sense for me to act as a mentor and facilitator, rather than as a producer. I think it worked out well - a young band made their first record without spending a ton of money, and they learned a lot in the process. I would rather help empower people starting out than leave them reliant on someone like me. So I stayed in the background as much as possible.

Eventually, the record does have to get done, so at that point I took a more active role to help tie it all together - everything culminated in an all-night mixing marathon at Williamson Magnetic Recording Company. It has been a few years since I worked until sunrise, but its always a good feeling, whatever the hour, to be at the end of that crazy process of tweaking and distillation and be able to say: “Ok - that’s it - the record is done!”